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Boilermakers cement new 3-year contract with NASSCO

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers secured an updated three-year contact with NASSCO which included a significant wage increase and other advantages for union workers.

This contract is the first where workers received these increases in decades,” said IR Miguel Fonseca. “They are used to seeing 25- or 30-cent increases. This time around, there were increases up to almost $4 an hour—just in the first year.”

The historic contract is the result of significant work and preparation by the NASSCO team and the collaborative efforts of the company and two unions. NASSCO’s leadership said its goal was to recognize employees for the “valuable contributions they make to the company’s success” while allowing the company to remain competitive in order to provide “meaningful employment” for workers for years to come.

The new three-year contracts include a general wage increase and significant market adjustments to the pay rates, effective October 1, 2020. They include additional general wage increases in each of the next two years. The contracts also provide many other important benefits for employees and their families.

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