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Together, we have a voice on the job.

NASSCO workers proudly build our nation’s future

Workers at NASSCO have earned the right to be proud of the work they do and the ships they build. Since 1960, workers — the heart and soul of NASSCO — have built and repaired auxiliary and support ships for the U.S. Navy as well as commercial vessels. And since 2003, the Boilermakers have represented workers.

Without you, the workers, NASSCO would cease to exist. The Boilermakers, the oldest shipbuilding union in the United States, respects the work you do at the shipyard. And Local 92 wants to help workers get the best pay and benefit packages they can for the superior work they do.

The local understands the complexity of your jobs because we’re all NASSCO employees. We work alongside you. And we will continue to negotiate strong contracts, uphold health and safety standards and amplify workers’ voices with management on behalf of everyone. It’s clear that with collective negotiation, wages increase, workers are safer, and salary and benefits packages are richer—just look at your most recent paycheck.

Local 92 can do even more for workers when everyone joins together in unified effort. More people joining the local means a more effective voice with management and more leverage to negotiate on behalf of workers.

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